About Sunningdale University and Our Staff


Sunningdale University – SU Mission is to continuously improve the quality of our learning programmes and services to meet our students’ (and, where applicable, their employers’) needs, in order to add economic and social value to the society as a whole.


Our Vision is to provide top-quality private higher education locally and internationally, and, in respect of the former, to remain at the cutting edge of new economy leadership education in coping with the complex demands of the continent in transformation.

Innovation & Integrity

We shall search and research for and apply new/novel ideas, methods and practices in our areas of operation.  We shall be consistent in our actions and will conduct ourselves in accordance with our values, beliefs and principles.

More about Sunningdale University

Sunningdale University aims to offer high practical quality education standards in a competitive environment to meet the increasing demand of the local and international market by:

  • Providing a practical high-quality educational product, acceptable to the modern industrial customer in Zambia.
  • Providing a competitive price acceptable to the sponsors and the community
  • Providing skilled manpower with relevant practical experience relevant to modern industries.

Sunningdale University – SU – has partnered with Talentedge India, IMIS – UK and Vcampus – USA to offer business, financial management and ICT Programmes.

Vice Chancellor